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Port Forwarding - Multiple Hop Server - Channel error

Oct 8, 2014 at 8:13 PM
Edited Oct 8, 2014 at 8:14 PM
I can create a Local Port forward directly to the device and launch the browser on local host, but when I try to go through a multi-hop jump server I can get the SSH connection to the end device, but as soon as i try to launch the web browser on the bound port, i get the following error "The channel has not been opened, or the open has not yet been confirmed."

I am trying to use Local Port Forwarding connecting my Desktop to a Windows Jump server. Once connected, i am trying to continue the Port forwarding to an end device. This device is connected to a router ie. ANDA . It has a web interface I want to browse it on my Desktop.

Of course, i can do this with Putty successfully.
  1. First connecting my desktop to the first server by creating a forwarded port.
  2. Once SSH session is connecting on Windows server i run the SSH Command.
ssh -L - <[listenaddress:]listenport:remotehost:remoteport>
ssh -L 9997: admin@
  1. Once logged in to end device, i launch a browser on localhost and success!
Trying to do this multi-hop with the port forwarding is unsuccessful. I create a standard local port forwarding to the Windows jump server with the SSH.NET library and then try and execute the SSL -L command. This gets me into the ssh connection to the end device, but i seem to lose the SSH tunnel or socket and get a channel error when i try and launch the browser on the bound port.

I then tried the following forum example, where you Use Portforwarding. LocalForward the SSH-Port of Server2 via Server1 to your desktop machine. But i cannot seem to get the bound ports working and launching the web browser on local host, it will just hang until timeout. Any help is appreciated.
 void SshTunnel()
         using (var client = new SshClient(Constants._JUMP_SERVER_, 9998,     Constants._LDAP_USERNAME, Constants._LDAP_PASSWORD))

                // Forward the SSH-Port of Device via Server1 on the Desktop-Machine
                var port1 = new ForwardedPortLocal("", 9997, Constants.DeviceIpAddress, 9998);
                port1.Exception += delegate(object sender, ExceptionEventArgs e)
                port1.RequestReceived += delegate(object sender, PortForwardEventArgs e)
                    Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Port request recieved from {0} : {1}", e.OriginatorHost, e.OriginatorPort));


                // create ssh forwarded client on Server2
                var client2 = new SshClient("", 9997, Constants._DEVICE_USER, Constants._DEVICE_PASSWORD);
                client2.ErrorOccurred += _sshclient_ErrorOccurred;
                client2.HostKeyReceived += _sshclient_HostKeyReceived;