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How To Install Beta/Pre-Release With NuGet

Jun 20, 2014 at 5:07 PM
[This may belong on the Docs page, but put it here so searchable]

Visual Studio/NuGet Users...

To install the latest alpha/beta/pre-release for review or other purposes, you can still use NuGet (which by default only does latest release/stable versions) by the following:

PM> install-package -pre
'SSH.NET 2014.4.6-beta1' already installed.
ConsoleApplication1 already has a reference to 'SSH.NET 2014.4.6-beta1'.

In my case above, I already have it installed in this fashion. The same syntax installs for first time.

Again, this post is a helper post, or 'How To', as there is a lot that needs looking over in the Betas to help the developers...


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