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CreateShellStream - # columns question

Apr 30, 2014 at 8:27 PM
I know this is going to be a very odd question, but here it goes.

I have successfully created my SSH connection.
Using CreateShellStream("xterm", 80 , 24, 9600,9600,1024)

When I do an ls (Linux directory listing) :
I get 4 columns as that is all that fits into 80 columns.

Using CreateShellStream("xterm", 132, 24, 9600,9600,1024)

When i do an ls:
 I get 6 columns as that is all that can fit into 132 columns.
So my question,

Is there a way to tell the current stream to please use 132 columns for my next command not 80 that I originally told it?

I am guessing the SSH really cares about the # columns in the CreateShellStream as that seems to be the only way I am able to get more columns or less columns.