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SSH.NET Developers, Supporters, Moderators, Contributors, Users: Thank You!

Apr 11, 2014 at 4:23 PM
Developers & Associated Contributors to SSH.NET,

I write programs for myself, and rarely for the benefit of my employers. I write in several languages, and have been doing it for more years than I want to admit... :)

When I buy a book, I go look at reviews by readers like myself. When I choose software to use, pay or otherwise, I also look to the user community. But the most important thing to me, and hopefully others, is a product/suite/tool that is supported.

What I mean is that it has both an active development team, but also an active user community. A product can always be made better-but only if it is supported.

Together, they work as a team, serving more than one purpose. Support forums like this are primarily for problems, so you might think that SSH/NET has nothing but problems... but that isn't the case. There are more success stories than problem stories, it's just that there isn't a place to talk about them, or to say "thanks!".

So, I will take this opportunity to thank all the developers, and other helpers, that make SSH.NET a viable, supported, active product for the appreciative user community, of which I am proud to be a member.

I hope this thread can be used by others to also express their gratitude for [all] your efforts. I know full well you do not get enough praise.

Thank You Very Much!