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Working with Guardian...

Feb 15, 2012 at 3:06 PM

Hi folks,


just wondering if any of you have any experience using this SSH component with Guardian on Tandem/HP NonStop?

I currently have a VB app that connects via underlying telnet (w3sockets) component. This provides a telnet shell which my code uses to send commads and receive responses.

The VB program connects to the Tandem , starts a TACL session and logs in. It can then run a small number of user selectable Macros (scripts) which in turn execute native TAL programs to query various Enscribe files on the system. Results are returned across the stream (since they write to the terminal(console)) and are parsed/displayed as appropriate by the VB code.

Anyway, Our security guys want to disable telnet on the box in favour of SSH but I have been having trouble getting a working SSH solution for our query tool. With this SSHClient componet, I can connect to the system, log in, change password etc as required. However, when I try to run one of our Macros, the underlying program retuns an error.

If I connect to the system via normal ssh progam (we use Reflections & OutsideView), I can execute the exact same macro no problem... results returned are as expected.

I suspect the problem is that this SSHClient component does not really create an interactive session when you log in... and our TAL programs do not have a termal to write their output to (they specifically write to the users HOMETERM). There is probobly something we can to in TAL code to get around this - guardian built in programs seem to be able to run fine... so i'm guessing the do something other that write to the explicit home term... however, TAL is a bit of a black art to me and I dont know how to fix those programs...

Have any of you worked with SSH & Guardian? any suggestions on how to continue?





ps... that was a very rambling post... sorry about that!

Feb 16, 2012 at 2:30 PM



It looks like that what you will need is Shell functionality, which we are working on now.

What happens, it seems, is when you execute a single command, it executes it in default shell, without createing a terminal, and looks like your program require terminal to be there.


This is just my few bits.

Hope it helps.




Feb 16, 2012 at 3:14 PM


Hi Oleg,

Yes I agree that is the problem... The TAL program explicity writes to the users terminal. If that doesnt exist, it will cause the program abend (which is what I see)


I am working with ShellStream, now based on a DDL compiled from your latest build... (thanks for MS for free VS2010 !)


I am making more progress but not quite there. It works perfectly in debug when I step thru it, but out of debug it doesnt work. I think the problem is that when I write a command to the server via the stream and then read the response using the ReadToEnd() , the server has not yet completed executing the command, so I dnot get back to my expected prompt.

It's probably something I am doing wrong (still trying to figure out ShellStream)... I will look a little further at it!


Enjoy your holidays - take a break from coding for a while!




Feb 16, 2012 at 3:34 PM



Well, iso it sounds like ShellStream is the way to go but unfortunalty ShellStream is not quite ready yet, something I did last Friday so it defenitaly will require more work and debuging.


Feel free to leave your feedback in Shell functionlity forum.