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Shell Implementation

Aug 14, 2011 at 10:19 AM


I downloaded SSH.Net and so far have found it fairly easy to use (get a connection to a SSH server and authenticate) but I am not sure how to implement shell functionality (more specifically to a Cisco router/switch/firewall). I thought using the Shell class was the intended method but then I read Shell Functionality which seems to indicate that this is not fully functional.

I then looked at the SshCommand class I am not sure if this is specifically for sending SSH commands. If I am to implement shell functionality, is it likely that I will need to make some changes to the source code or is the library read for this sort of implementation.

Forgive me, I have looked at the documentation and tried to find a specific example in the source code tests.


Aug 14, 2011 at 1:34 PM



I think with cisco routers you could have some limitation, as far as using SshCommand.

I dont remeber which one, but one of the routers does not support command execution.


Shell functionality, was more of a try and play for me, just to see if I can do it, and once I did it it turned out to be a good work around for several cases, usually where commands are not available or you need shell support and access to some environment variables etc'.

You can also search this forum for more shell examples, I think there should be quite few here.

The only thing is that with shell you will need to parse the output and take what you need as output of the command.

If you want to implement something specific to cisco routers, please feel free to do so and if you want me to add it later to the library you can send me the code and I will add it then.