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Problem with latest changeset.

May 11, 2011 at 8:18 PM
Edited May 11, 2011 at 8:35 PM

I have a problem with 8198 change set.

ListDirectory command fails with SshExaption failure when is called twice in the small period of time, when called after SftClient.Get() function ,and when I try to list "/" after I list some deep dir (like /somedir/otherdir). Sometimes StatusCommaind fails with NoSuchFile which is weird. My working directory is home dir , how can I change that . Last revision I used was 7979 and everything worked fine.

ListDir on "/"

Unhandled Exception: Renci.SshClient.Common.SshException: Failure
   at Renci.SshClient.Sftp.SftpSession.WaitHandle(WaitHandle waitHandle, TimeSpa
n operationTimeout) in C:\Documents and Settings\Dragan\Desktop\Renci.SshClient\
Sftp\SftpSession.cs:line 322
   at Renci.SshClient.Sftp.SftpCommand.EndExecute(SftpAsyncResult result) in C:\
Documents and Settings\Dragan\Desktop\Renci.SshClient\Sftp\SftpCommand.cs:line 5
   at Renci.SshClient.SftpClient.EndListDirectory(IAsyncResult asyncResult) in C
:\Documents and Settings\Dragan\Desktop\Renci.SshClient\SftpClient.cs:line 286
   at Renci.SshClient.SftpClient.ListDirectory(String path) in C:\Documents and
Settings\Dragan\Desktop\Renci.SshClient\SftpClient.cs:line 246
   at ConsoleApplication1.SSHFS.FindFiles(String filename, FileInformation[]& fi
les, DokanFileInfo info) in C:\Documents and Settings\Dragan\Desktop\ConsoleAppl
ication1\ConsoleApplication1\SSHFS.cs:line 254
   at DokanNet.DokanOperationProxy.FindFilesProxy(String rawFileName, IntPtr raw
FillFindData, DokanFileInfo rawFileInfo) in C:\Documents and Settings\Dragan\Des
ktop\DokanNet\DokanOperationProxy.cs:line 337


May 11, 2011 at 8:44 PM



Yes, I know, I saw it too.

I fixed that already but didnt check in yet.

I did some major changes right now, well ,changing namespace from Renci.SshClient to Renci.SshNet as was suggested by some user but I also got complaints from FxCop.


I will check it in in few mins