How to read linux cmd output all lines

Hi, I am using SSH.Net library to connect linux server and executing some cmds. I am trying to read the out put of the command like below.. but it is returning only first row of the result. If I r...

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Exists function returns always true for any file

See attached test source. Some old version of worked fine.

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File corruption on download

I attached sources to test the bug. The bug occurred in last version from SVN. Last official release of 2013 year works fine.

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DownloadFile/UploadFile fails if path starts with '~'

Seems there are quite a few places where SSH.Net does not handle paths that start with "~" properly. This particular case is a regression in the latest beta since this used to work now no longer do...

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SftpSession does not handle "~" properly

When a path starts with "~", SftpSession.GetFullRemotePath does not handle it properly. For instance, SftpClient.Exists("~/somedir) ...does not do the check correctly. I did a local fix by chang...

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various System.ObjectDisposedException

during a long connection I get following exceptions: System.ObjectDisposedException: Das SafeHandle wurde geschlossen. bei Renci.SshNet.Session.WaitHandle(WaitHandle waitHandle) in c:\Users\srin...

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Client channels are no longer closed on dispose

It seems that in the current Beta-Version Channels are not closed correctly. After the default of 10 open channels, it is not possible to open a new ShellStream. Following Test-Programm: using Sys...

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System.ObjectDisposedException at Renci.SshNet.Channels.ChannelDirectTcpip.OnErrorOccured

Hello, I have been using the SSH.Net library to connect to a remote SSH server to establish a DB connection between a VB client software and MySQL server. Everything works fine except sometimes th...

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An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.

I keep getting this error when connecting and uploading a file. There are no errors in Event Log or otherwise. Here's my code: SSHNet.PasswordConnectionInfo connInfo = new SHNet.PasswordConnectio...

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Local Patches for Upstream

Hi, Just discovered some local patches I would like to see upstream. Here are the patches based on current source:

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