(solved) ssh with IPv6 address not working under Linux

Hallo, I couldn't figure out how to use your SSH library with an IPv6LL address under linux (Ubuntu 15.04), however it works perfectly fine with an IPv4 address. Also the ipv6 address string is wo...

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Bug in SSH shell connection with Cisco IOS

Hi everyone! So I have compiled the project into a DLL and I am using that to connect to a Cisco server with SSH enabled. Everything works (I am able to issue commands, and the read back is correct...

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Feature request: allow creating an SftpClient from an SshClient instance

Currently, if I want to use the same SSH session for several purposes - e.g., SFTP and SCP as well as commands I need to instantiate a new SftpClient / ScpClient, which means a new SSH connection i...

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CD command not working on SSH.NET

Hello Everyone, I am trying to shutdown application on one of our Servers, and we are trying to do it via C# We downloaded the SSH.NET library file and wrote some simple commands to test out if th...

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Installation Dependencies/Instructions

I have downloaded these three modules and placed them in the "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\SSH-Sessions" directory. https://sshnet.codeplex.com/downloads/get/944154 http://s...

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Internationalization Problems

Good day, I am having some troubles to open and read files in a UBUNTU SFTP server that had accents in the name, I was traying to rename them using the library to remove the accents remotly becaus...

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Can't build Arrays of Keys or AuthMethods by calling DLL

<long winded explanation> I am using LabVIEW and was pointed to this library as a possible solution to key based ssh for tunnels and interactive shells. The library seems amazing in terms of scope...

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RsaDigitalSignature.Sign isn't consistently 256 bytes

Given just the right pair of private key and input bytes, RsaDigitalSignature.Sign doesn't consistently return a 256-byte array. This makes it impossible to rely upon when signature validation is b...

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pseudo-tty in SshCommand - No Longer Required

This issue is no longer required as a correct workaround has been discovered

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Not executing file manipulation commands using ssh.net library

My code uses ssh.net library to connect to windows server. It is working well when I access running exe, start and stop those exe but it gives me error "AllowDesktopAccess failed. Unable to execute...

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