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Released: Apr 6, 2014
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Application SshNet .NET 4.0 Binary
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Release Notes

New Features:
  • Added callbacks to UploadFile, DownloadFile and ListDirectory in SftpClient (issue #1324)
  • Allow a given private key file to be used concurrently
  • Performance improvements:
    • optimization of payload size for both read and write operations (SftpClient only)
    • increase window size from 1MB to 2MB
    • increase buffer size from 16KB to 64KB for SftpClient
    • take into account the maximum remote packet size of the channel for write operations
    • increase maximum size of packets that we can receive from 32 KB to 64 KB
  • Improve exception message for authentication failures

Breaking changes:
  • Assembly name is now Renci.SshNet for all supported frameworks
  • The Renci.SshNet assemblies for .NET and Silverlight are now strong-named (issue #1802)

  • Remove linefeed from WriteLine method in Shellstream class (issue #1584)
  • Disable logging of messages in release builds (issue #1767)
  • Stuck loop on key exchange using arcfour encryption (issue #1922)
  • Timeout sending data to server with low window size (issue #1706)
  • No connection possible with the same auth method requested multiple times (issue #1930)
  • Unobserved exception rethrown by finalizer thread (issue #1298 and #1587)
  • Client cipher is used to decrypt server messages (issue #1917)
  • Connection dropped by server due to invalid DSA signature (issue #1918)
  • Correct casing of Security/Cryptography/HMAC.cs to fix build on Linux (issue #1505)
  • HTTP proxy hangs (issue #1890)
  • Wrong parameters to SetSocketOption leads to SocketException under Mono (issue #1799)
  • Incorrect check for timeout values (issue #1620)
  • Wrong PKCS7 padding in DES algorithm (issue #1580)
  • OverflowException on empty server response (issue #1562)
  • Event handle leak (issue #1761)
  • SftpFileStream is very slow (issue #1919)
  • Write access required for private key file

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