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NetConfClient talking to NXOS XMLAGENT hangs

Dec 10, 2013 at 4:33 AM
When creating an object using Renci.SshNet.NetConfClient it appears that a the client "Hello" does not complete. I think it is related to a missing EOL (CRLF)

when I use a SSH client such as putty a hangs like this ocurs when the hello string is terminated with a ]]>]] and CRLF. Looking at the code I'm pretty sure the hello being sent (ClientCapabilities
  • ]]>]] ) .
code example and ouput:

[void][reflection.assembly]::LoadFrom( (Resolve-Path "$pwd\bin\Renci.SshNet.dll") )

$mynetconf = New-Object Renci.SshNet.NetConfClient("", "admin", "Password")
$mydata = $mynetconf.SendReceiveRpc($test1)

write-host $mydata.InnerText
applicationoperation-failederrorcurrent session has not received hello

I'm pretty sure the netconf client is sending the data.

below are are the contents of the server/client capabilities data.

PS C:\Scripts\bin> $mynetconf.ServerCapabilities.InnerText
PS C:\Scripts\bin> $mynetconf.ClientCapabilities

xml hello

version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" hello

PS C:\Scripts\bin> $mynetconf.ClientCapabilities.InnerText