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Question to SFTP users, need feedback

Dec 23, 2010 at 4:00 AM



just wanted to have some discussion about SFTP functionality, for hose who use SFTP feature.

What I did so far is simply duplicate SFTP protocol functions and turn them into Begin*** End*** method on SftpClient but I have a feeling that this is not the best solution.

So I am thinking to make it eventually like most SFTP/FTP client work and introduce command like change directory and others.

Also, thought to redesign and provide commands such :

delete, literal, prompt, send, debug, ls, put, statusappend, dir, mdelete, pwd, traceascii, disconnect, mdir, quit, typebell, get, mget, quote, userbinary, glob, mkdir, recv, verbosebye, hash, mls, remotehelpcd, help, mput, renameclose, lcd, open, rmdir

Probably not all of them, just took what available in ftp help prompt, but only those which are make sence.

Or may be to just leave everything as it is and leave it up to the users to implement all this functionality.

Just interesting  in what you thing.